NAWIC Chapter Scholarship Fund

 Each year the Wichita NAWIC chapter awards significant scholarship money to students (both men and women) who are pursuing degrees in construction related fields from Kansas universities.

The application process can be completed electronically by accessing the  NAWIC 2017 Scholarship Application.  All application related documents must be postmarked or emailed by March 31, 2017 Applications and /or supporting documentation received after March 31, 2017 will not be considered.

The chapter scholarship fund was started back in 1966 and was then a committee appointed by the president. The duties of the committee were to raise funds. The original fund raiser for the chapter & scholarships was a LAS VEGAS NIGHT which was extremely successful until Vern Miller declared war on illegal gambling in state. Fund raising after that consisted of events such as selling vinyl table cloths, waiting tables at G&G catering, registration for CSI annual meeting, bingo, barmaids for AGC meeting and anything that earned a buck. Scholarships were given every year but money was set aside in an account with a goal of $10,000 that would earn enough interest to make the scholarship fund self-sustaining.The foundation was incorporated in 1985 and became a separate entity from Chapter #120 with 3 trustees serving for a 3 year period. As the president of the chapter finishes her term of office she automatically serves a 3 year term on the foundation. The first annual golf tournament to fund scholarships was held in 1987. The golf tournament has been very successful in funding annual scholarships and this can be directly attributed to the generosity and support of the construction industry in the Wichita area.The Wichita Chapter gave the first scholarship to one student in 1966 (the year the chapter chartered) and has subsequently awarded over $250,000 to students pursuing a career in the construction field.