Membership Information

Active Chapter Membership

Membership dues include national and chapter dues. Membership includes special discounts on member services; subscription to The NAWIC Image, the national magazine; special discounts on convention and courses through the NAWIC Education Foundation; listing in the online membership directory; unlimited networking opportunities, voting privileges, and more.

Corporate Chapter Membership

Allows companies to purchase a chapter membership and designate a female employee(s) to be their representative at meetings. Memebership benefits are the same as an active chapter membership. If you would like to join, please fill out this application:

On-line Membership Application or Download a .pdf to fill out and mail in.

Student Chapter Membership

Membership benefits are the same as benefits of an active chapter membership except students cannot vote or hold office.

Membership Has its Privileges

Your NAWIC membership can save you and your employer money while turning a profit for the Association. NAWIC’s member services providers offer you discounts on courses and publications, health insurance, shipping, office supplies and on travel-related services. For example, OfficeMax gives NAWIC members and their employers a discount on office supplies.

Simply go to > Member Center > Member Services to see the complete list and access the rest of NAWIC’s member services.

NAWIC Career Center offers employment tools, jobs targeted to NAWIC members

Employers want you. The NAWIC Career Center features hundreds of jobs that employers want you to see. Where do employers go when they want a talented woman with experience in the construction industry? They go to the NAWIC Career Center. You can post a resume, view jobs and set up personal job alerts. Best of all, it’s free. Visit the NAWIC Career Center at today.

To receive more information about Greater Wichita, Chapter #120 NAWIC membership contact:

Bev Sauerwein / Sauerwein Construction