Professional Development Committee

Our National Association is developing and has put in place a new service for its members.  It is a couple of months old.  In Sepember, the Professional Development Committee sent out information to our members.  It is a very exciting expansion of our membership services.

“We are so proud to announce an exciting new program created for YOU! It’s called the Professional Development Program, and in the coming months you will have access to a library of resources and tools geared towards your personal and professional growth. At AMEC in Bellevue, our new NAWIC President, Yasmine Brandon challenged our organization to use more technology and that’s exactly how we are going to deliver this program to you! You will have access through the NAWIC website, various social media and this monthly newsletter which will include links to all programs available to you,including:

 ■ Articles
 ■ Programs-in-the-box
■ Webinars
■ Podcasts
■ Online Bookstore and more!

Our mission is to support the empowerment of women in the construction industry through this program and these are just some of the resources we will have available to help you reach any goal you have set for yourself. The committee’s goal is to keep you updated with the information you want and the advice you need to put it into practice.”

We are all very excited to participate in this new initiative.  Watch for more information on our new Professional Development page which will debut soon.

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